19 Oct 2010


I have met some truly wonderful girls and lads here. Debbie who taught me alot such as how to turn without keeping my finger on the arrow. Ziggy who is my class buddy hes always telling me the times and i have such a laugh with my peurto rican hottie. I haven't won any of Modelling shows but im in the CWS School to atleast get a trophie. My Aim is to try and have "Miss Jan/Feb..." or "Best...." basically to have a fantasic picture with me looking oh so sexy in my dress with tiara. Every girl's dream i guess.

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Love ya

Ruby Roo


SD said...

hey ruby just a quick comment to let you know your blog is fab. i am gald to have had the aoppoutunity to ahve met youa nd share this experience of learning modeling with you. i wish you all the sucess int he future for modling on sl xxx

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